Livonia, Mich. – The holidays are pegged as “the most wonderful time of the year.” However, that’s often not the case for those struggling with any type of mental health issues. Today, GLR Advanced Recycling announced a new car donation program working with the National Alliance on Mental Illness’ metro Detroit chapter – NAMI Metro. The program launches today and will continue in perpetuity.

There are many car donation programs available to consumers that help a variety of local charities. GLR president Michael Bassirpour and his family have a personal connection to NAMI Metro.

“Mental illness has become an epidemic. We’ve lost two family members as a result of such illness,” Bassirpour said. “This time of year is particularly difficult, and NAMI Metro is a valuable resource for patients and family members. I want to help raise awareness for mental illness and provide more help to those in need,” he said.

Vehicles donated to NAMI are 100 percent tax deductible at the Kelly Blue Book value and GLR will donate 100 percent of the purchase value of each vehicle to NAMI METRO.
GLR will completely recycle vehicles deemed no longer drivable, ensuring nothing goes to landfill. Vehicles that remain operational, but need extensive repair, will be sent to auction and the proceeds will be donated to NAMI Metro.

“NAMI Metro provides support, education and advocacy to more than 1,000 individuals impacted by mental illness annually,” said Leon Judd, president NAMI Metro. “We offer a variety of programs and support groups throughout the tri-county area as well as crisis intervention teams and support lines. Additional funding will allow us to expand our services and reach.”

The average age of vehicles on the road today is nearly 12 years old. Many are far older than that and ready to close the loop in their lifecycle. GLR Advanced Recycling processes more than 45,000 scrap vehicles annually and is projected to process nearly 100,000 in 2019.

GLR was founded in Metro Detroit by Henry Rosen in 1927. The company began in the paper and corrugated cardboard business and has expanded in to plastic, electronics, metal and vehicle recycling, with an emphasis on the automotive and ferrous and nonferrous markets. The company operates six facilities in Michigan.